Charter Membership

Take Advantage of Our Charter Membership Benefits

Enjoy Charter Membership benefits if you're one of the first 400 people to sign up at Hollywood Athletics & Wellness. In addition to our excellent fitness options, you'll get privileges and special discounts from us!

Get $250 Worth Special Offers

Charter Membership includes the following benefits:
  • 50% OFF your initiation fee ($100) and only pay $50
  • Full access to the facility 2 weeks before the public grand opening
  • 2 complimentary personal training sessions
  • 50% OFF your annual maintenance fee ($40) and only pay $20
  • FREE weekend outdoor excursions which include biking, kayaking, SUP (paddleboarding), and hiking
Over-all value is $250, based on one outdoor excursion every other month. Save even more, as much as $400 by attending one or more excursions each month.

Once all Charter Memberships have been sold, these benefits will no longer be available. Don’t miss out on these savings! Call us today to learn more.
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